Sunday, August 8, 2010

Days 227 - 230

Ok, so I went to Austin this last weekend so I thought I would catch you up with my last four day's worth of photos. All are still taken with my LG Vu so excuse the lack of quality. I am really hoping that my 40D comes in tomorrow, if not I will be calling Canon to give them a stern talking to. Enjoy!

Day 227 - Mikado's, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Taken on my first day in Austin when I took Catherine out to Mikado's Sushi. This is the two types of sushi she got. The set closest to the camera were called Rock N' Roll and I actually liked those.

Day 228 - Longhorn Caverns, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

We also ventured out to Longhorn Caverns State Park and explored Longhorn Caverns. It was pretty awesome, especially when we got to go from 100 degree's outside to 65 inside the caves.

We found out that on Monday, President Obama would be speaking to the students at UT, so this meant we went out and waited in line for Carolyn to get tickets to view this. This is the UT bell tower taken while waiting in line.

Last picture of the trip to Austin is Catherine viewing a piece of art at the Blaton, that I have since forgot the name of, but have dubbed it "Bear with Laser Eyes."

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