Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Moon

I just recently acquired a 2x magnifier for my camera and of course one of the first things I wanted to take shots of was the moon. Well it seemed like it took forever to find a decent night with little to no cloud cover and a just about full moon. I snapped a few shots just to see what I could come up with and this was one of my favorites. Not quites as close of a shot I thought I would get, but still amazing all the same.

What I found even more amazing was being able to see the moon move. When I would switch my camera to view on the LCD screen, for focusing, I noticed that the moon was actually rolling across the screen. Zooming into the LCD you can see it even more clearly, it doesn't seem like much but at the time it felt really cool.

Next on the list for the 2x extender is to take it out for some action shots, preferably surfing. I will be sure to post those when they happen!

Canon 70-200mm + 2x Extender = 400mm at f/ 5.6 | ISO 500

The Moon, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.