Thursday, September 29, 2011

Time Lapse Camera

Not quite sure if you remember my Time Lapse project from way back when, but I ran into quite a few problems with my equipment. Firstly, putting the strain of taking thousands of photos with my DSLR with the only purpose to be importing it into a video was starting to get costly. It actually cause my 40D to Error 99 on me a few times. Today, however, I stumbled upon a camera that would help get rid of all of those problems!

It is a Digital Time Lapse Camera, from PhotoJojo. Go check it out:

For $150 and being water proof it is quite nice! It even gives you a few different choices on how often to take the pictures and then saves it all in a video for you!

It is a nice alternative to taking quick and easy time lapse movies, but I think I would miss the creative control when it comes down to editing the final JPEGs to get my own personal look and feel into the project. Since I am not that much of a After Effects guru, I think I will just settle for the rare occasions that I use my DSLR for this.