Sunday, November 22, 2009

Via Colori

Today was day two of Via Colori in downtown Houston. The weather this time around was wonderful and could not have been better for the event. There were many very talented artists displaying their talent and it was hard to narrow down what to pay attention to the most.

This picture, is actually the first one I took of the day. It was done by Kelly Faltemayer (as best as i can tell from the name in another picture) and as far as I know it has no name. It is funny that among all the colorful pieces that were filling the streets, a black and white one is the first to grab my attention.

Via Colori, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nature's Reflection Pool

Well, today's session of Via Colori was about rained out. I showed up at around 11:30 this morning to find the streets soaked from the rain from the past few hours. Either way, it made for some great photographs even without the artists decorating the streets. Hopefully tomorrow I will have better luck at Via Colori and the weather will allow for some awesome street art.

This photo is a 3 shot HDR taken just inside of Tranquility Park facing south east towards downtown.

Nature's Reflection Pool, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Bike Rack

When I was in Austin the last time, I was testing out my HDR capabilities on a various amount of different items. While walking through the campus of UT, for some reason, a bike rack caught my attention and screamed to be photographed. I really liked how the red and blue seemed to just pop from behind the chrome spokes of the bike.

This is a 3 exposure HDR taken with my Canon 40D at f/5.6, ISO 200, and 17-85mm lens.

Bike Rack

Coming up this weekend is Via Colori, in downtown Houston. A friend of mine, Roberto, will be out there showing off his artistry skills. So if you get a chance go and check it out. For more information go check out the Houston Via Colori website at:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friday Night Lights

On Friday, I was able to get down on the field and shoot a Texas high school football playoff game between Friendswood and Lamar Consolidated. I have never shot sports at any level besides my little brother and for the most part I cant say I was happy with everything that I took. At about half time the auto-focus on my lens stopped working and it showed me how nice it was to really have it when its around.

Learning to photograph sports is something that I have been wanting to learn to do and I figure the best place to learn is at my local high school. It will definitely be a learning experience and hopefully with time I will be able to provide better pictures. All of these were taken with my Canon 40D on Manual Settings and a Sigma 70-200mm @ f/2.8 and have been cropped.

ISO-1600 @ 1/400 sec

ISO-1600 @ 1/400 sec

ISO-3200 @ 1/800 sec
I tried out my 40Ds ISO at 3200 on this shot and it turned out to be way to noisy.

ISO-1600 @ 1/400 sec

ISO-1600 @ 1/400 sec
One of the hardest lessons I learned Friday was about lighting. Shooting from the endzone provides very poor lighting and half the time you can't even see the players faces.

ISO-1600 @ 1/320 sec

ISO-1600 @ 1/500 sec

ISO-1600 @ 1/400 sec

ISO-1600 @ 1/400 sec

ISO-1600 @ 1/400 sec
In Photoshop I went ahead an added a little vignetting to see if it helped give the picture anything extra.

ISO-1600 @ 1/400 sec

ISO-1600 @ 1/320 sec