Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ties That Bind

While in Austin, I did not spend all of my time wondering around parks and viewing nature, but Catherine also took me to UT's campus to take a look around for interesting photographs. My original plan was to actually focus many of my pictures on the UT tower, but while walking around the plan changed and many opportunities came about.

This picture is an overhang that can be found just outside of Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, at the Alumni Center. The way that all of the colors worked together with the lines of the wood, metal and brick just caught my eye. This is a 3 exposure HDR taken at 56mm.

Ties That Bind, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Little Green Left

While in Austin, we went on a short hike to enjoy the beautiful weather. This hike followed a small stream for a good majority of the trail that we walked. Among the trail I came across a small plant that seemed to be growing almost by itself. It was funny to me because fall is almost in full swing and everything is starting to wither away, but all while this small plant was thriving in the rocks on the walking trail.

Original picture was taken at 17mm with f/4 and taken into Photoshop for some fun post processing.

A Little Green Left, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend in Austin

I recently went to Austin to visit Catherine for the weekend. As always it was a great time and this weekend we spent a majority out and about in a few of the many parks Austin has to offer. One of which I was really excited to see was Bull Creek. I had recently viewed a picture of Catherine and her dog Teddy next to a small waterfall in the area and requested that we go there. I thought it would make for some great shots and captured a great panoramic of the scene while I was there.

This panoramic was composed of 14 individual shots at 17mm.

Bull Creek Panoramic, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The other side of Friendswood

Continuing on the beautiful weather that has been around, I went out to a local park and decided to go on a little nature photo walk. I decided to give nature HDR a go and see how well it went. For the most part, the breeze was a pain to work around, but the overall results came out fairly nice.

This photo is just inside 1776 Park and it is probably a park most people don't even realize exists. Despite the creek being full of crystal clear water, i think it really helps make the park stand out from the rest around the town.

1776 Park, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Golden Fall

On Friday I went out and met some friends as they were fishing in a pond near one of their houses. There was quite a bit of good photography and this is one of my favorites from the day. I am heading off to Austin here this next weekend and hope that it brings just as many opportunities as these last few days have for some more great photo's.

Golden Fall, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flowers in High Grass

Catherine came in town this last weekend and we spent a bit of time at my grandmother's house. She has a vast array of garden scenery for me to photograph and I took the opportunity to try some HDR with it. I really like how the green's just pop in this photo, but at the same time I wish the flowers were brought out just a bit more.

I am also trying out the Blog feature that is available at So excuse the untidyness at the moment if everything seems to be a little crazy.

Flowers in High Grass, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Photo Walk - The Real Pictures

On Monday I went on a photo walk with Jena. I posted a couple pictures before that were quazi-HDR style, but here are some real ones without all the special effects added.

Those are my favorites for the day and hopefully if the weather remains nice I will get to go on another walk real soon.