Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 161 - Memorial Day Time Lapse

So to wrap up the month of May, I was having a BBQ for memorial day with a few of my friends. During which I decided to position my camera where it would be able to snap pictures of most of the BBQ while it was going on. Afterwards I came home, uploaded the pictures, and synced them all into a little time lapse of the days progression.

Near the end of the day, we decided to have a little fun with the time lapse and make a little stop motion film, just for fun. It caused most of my family to stare at us , mostly myself, like we were crazy and had no idea what we were doing. But here it is, the final project in 1080 HD to maximize the non pixelation. Enjoy!



Be sure to watch it at 1080 or it might be really fuzzy.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 144 - Glasses

Took this picture very quickly, mostly because my eyes can barley look at a computer as it is. However, for the last week I have been without my contacts and have been forced to wear my old glasses. It is really interesting to see what people think when they see me in them. I have heard everything from "you need glasses??" to "they make you look smarter." All I know is they make photography much more difficult when I can't get my eye all the way onto the viewfinder. Hopefully by the end of the week I will be back to normal.

Turned in my second roll of Holga film today as well. Hopefully the prints, yes thats right I ordered prints this time, will be in Friday and I will be able to use some of those for this. I also ordered prints from the last roll I used, back when I thought I would be able to handle the printing process. So come back then to check them out.

Strobist: Desk Lamp and Ceiling Fan

Day 144 - Glasses, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 142 - Galveston Night

Went down to Galveston tonight to assist with photographing my sisters pre-prom photos. So while we were waiting for the prom to finish, Catherine and myself went down to the sea wall to hang out for a while. I, of course, had to bring my camera and tripod with me just because I knew it would be a great opportunity for some shots.

Day 142 - Galveston Night, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 141 - Green and White

Since Wednesday I have been taking eye drops that greatly affect the way I respond to bright lights. So since then I have noticed that my photography has been avoiding them as well. It makes sense really, I dont want to magnify any bright lights through a lens, but today is a photo I took while riding shotgun on the way to dinner.

I really like these long shutter abstract style photographs because it is not like anything else, ever. Nobody will ever be able to replicate this photo and really helps back up photography as a true fine art, even though I think any photography can be considered that as well.

Day 141 - Green and White, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Day 140 - Fake Holga

I have been wanting my Holga prints for a while, but refuse to take them in to get printed until after I finish this next roll. Hopefully I can do that soon, but I always seems reluctant to do so because I am afraid to waste film.

So until then I decided to fake a look for this picture in photoshop and see how it came out. By the end of the week I will have my Holga film turned in for processing.

Day 140 - Fake Holga, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 135 - The Palmer Events Center

Ventured out to the Renegade Art & Crafts fair today to see if anything happened to catch Catherine's eye. I actually ended up buying a few posters from a vendor from The posters are a very graphical style and I really enjoyed them. Catherine also got a few posters from them as well, along with an apron and some original art work. Overall some good times were had at the fair.

Day 135 - The Palmer Events Center, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Day 136 - The Evil Eye

While walking around Hyde Park today heading to Quacks Bakery, we found a cat just sitting around and he did not seem to like me very well. It might have had something to do with the camera I was putting in his face, but either way, I am definitely not a cat person.

Day 136 - The Evil Eye, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Day 134 - Sol

Arrived in Austin today and just outside Catherine's apartment is an awesome patch of a few sunflowers. As far as I know, no photographer can walk past a nice set of flowers without taking a few shots.

Day 134 - Sol, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 133 - Natures Comeback #2

Well as promised I posted two pictures today due to the lack of actual photoness in the previous day. Today's photo is one I took while walking around with the camera. Faucets in general are interesting, really anything mechanical, but the fact that the grass had gone right through it made it even better.

I was also informed that one of my photographs has been selected to be published within Bayousphere at UHCL! The photograph that has been selected is my "Untitled" photograph that I entered into the AIDS Awareness Day art contest and it should be printed this fall. I will be sure to keep you updated on that.

Day 133 - Natures Comeback #2, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 132 - Design with Text

Before you say anything, there is a photo within this design. So it might be very subtle, but it is there, trust me.

Today's tutorial used:

I have also decided that it is weird not using an actual picture for my 365, so I might take an extra one tomorrow to make up for today. Using a manipulated photo just doesn't seem right.

Day 132 - Design with Text, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 131 - Mustang Baseball Poster

While this is not necessarily a photo that I took today, I did finish editing it today. I decided that I want to go back and work on my photo manipulation/photoshop skills. This is the first of the series I am going to try to do for the next week. Give me some feedback one what you think of the whole concept and what you like/don't like. The more feedback I get the more I will know what I did right or wrong.

Day 131 - Mustang Baseball Poster, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 123 - Kickin' It Old School / 100th Post!!!

Ok, so for my 100th post, I thought I would take you back in time. Way back to when I did not own a camera and all of my "art" was done in class on the tax payers dime. I know it is not the most original or most creative idea, but I did not even know that this was going to be my 100th post in this blog. I do think it is time for a facelift on this old thing. It is over a year old as of a month ago... anyhow onto today's photo!

For today's photo is more of a picture of art, but its my art. I recently saw a friend put up some of their old art work online and it made me want to go back to some of my older art.

So here it is, Pipes by Greg Griffith 2000. Pastel on Black Construction Paper.

Day 123 - Kickin' It Old School, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Did you like what I did there, it was like it's a true piece of fine art. I hope you enjoy!

Day 122 - Butler Park

Sorry for the long delay on posting pictures, but I had a few technical difficulties while in Austin this last weekend. Yes, I was still taking pictures, but I had forgot to bring my transfer cord so I could upload them to the laptop. Just one of those lessons you only need to learn once.

Anyway, like always in Austin, we went on a walk throughout the city and happened to stumble upon a small 9 hole golf course known as, Butler Park Pitch and Putt. All holes, but one, are no longer than 100 yards and you only need to bring 2-3 clubs and your putter with you. It seems like a perfect way to practice one's short game when you don't want to pay the big bucks for a fancy golf course. Also throughout this walk I was using my new Holga camera and those pictures should be in within the week. Hopefully they turn out well.

Day 122 - Butler Park, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Day 121 - Herbs & Spices

On Saturday, Catherine cooked up some awesome fish taco's for us to eat after we finished watching the derby. Sadly my horse was not the victor, but the taco's made the night.

Day 121 - Herbs & Spices, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Day 120

Not much on ideas for this Friday, but when I drive into Austin it is usually hard for me to find something to photograph right away. Today I just had Catherine write on her chalk board just to give some appearance that I attempted something for day 120

Day 120, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.