Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 115 - The Birdhouse

There is a very heavy influence on this photo and he can be found right here on flickr at Dustin Diaz is a photographer I found right as I was starting my 365 project and instantly loved his style. I know a major part of his style I enjoy is the bokeh that he adds to all of his photos and I myself love to add as much bokeh whenever possible. His composition is also very interesting. As I might have mentioned before, photographs that are always taken perfectly parallel and straight get boring very quickly, most of Dustin's photos are at an angle, which makes them much more appealing to me.

Another interesting part of his photographs is how he uses black lines on both the top and bottom of the photograph. They always remain in a square and while I chose not to keep mine in a square I still feel like it captures the same feelings. The final part of his photographs that I enjoyed was the use of text within the photograph. He never uses the title bar to name his photos during his 365 project, but it seems he uses text within the photograph as his title.

While this is just me messing around with this, I feel like I could really turn a whole series into this. It might help me get out of the slump I seem to have gotten myself in. This does take a little more post-processing work than most of my photographs I have been doing, but at the same time I believe it will help turn out better quality photos in the end.

Day 115 - The Birdhouse, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

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  1. his photos make me miss san francisco! bahh