Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 100 - Ladybird Gardens

Photo 100...YAY. I have officially hit he triple digits. Only have 265 more to go and that is still a long ways of way. Overall I think it is still going very well and I cant wait to see what pictures come in the future. Today is a picture from Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center and I can tell you that I was not the only photographer there. I took many HDRs that I can not wait to get uploaded to my PC back home in Houston, just so I can see how they turned out.

I hope everybody has enjoyed the first 100 pictures and that you keep enjoying them as they keep coming.

Day 100 - Ladybird Gardens, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

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  1. That is a nice shot! I just drove back from Austin, and you can't believe how many people were stopped on the side of the road taking pictures of the blue bonnets. Congrats on your "stick-to-it-ness"!