Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 264 - Studio Self Portrait

Studio self portrait...how fake does this look?!? I am usually not a huge fan of these studio portraits so I tried to make it as comfortable for myself as possible. I didnt want to do anything typical and I just tried to be myself. I feel like it makes my head look really tiny...anywho. The background came out quite grey on these shots and I know why, I really need to start amping up the light hitting the background. That way when the camera see's the shot it thinks the background is over lit and therefor makes it as white as the snow. Really these shots where not only for my website, but to test how well I could light a subject in studio. I think it came out fairly well, You can definitely tell where the stronger of the three lights are, but the more I do it the better.

Day 264 - Studio Self Portrait, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

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