Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 203 - Going Up?

Final day of the Bridal Extravaganza and I can definitely say it is a very unique experience. Overall, it was a good one that I will walk away having learned more about anything and everything that is related to this show. A good portion of my time, when I wasn't out photographing the event, was in the entrance to Hall B. They have four escalators there that will take you to the 2nd floor and I probably went up and down them to many times to count, in order to get to my 2nd floor room where I took photos for a time lapse.

Even though I got a few laughs from my fellow co-workers and a few of the vendors at the event, I think this photo came out really well. I especially like how it captures my reflections on the side as I sit in between. It was a fun, yet busy, weekend and it's funny to say that my work week has just begun.

Day 203 - Going Up?, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

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