Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6 - Jupiter's Moons

Almost through my first week of the challenge and I am still going strong. Today's photo is one that I feel like I will probably have to explain, because of the title. I have a weird little thing when it comes to naming my guitars, all four of them are named after a moon of Jupiter. Within this picture are Io (front), Callisto (back), and Europa (right), the fourth (Leda) is not seen in this picture.

The best explanation of how that got started is because Steve Vai named his guitars Flo and Evo. Because of this, I decided that I wanted to be cool and name my guitars as well, but because I am a nerd I had to be different. I am sure that throughout this year, these guitars will be in more than just this one photograph.

Day 6 - Jupiter's Moons, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

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