Friday, April 15, 2011

Polaroid Spectra

I just recently got my hands on an oldie, but goodie. A Polaroid Spectra. While I was still in grad school, I had heard rumors of a company reproducing the classic instant film of the Polaroid. At the time I thought that was pretty cool, but really thought nothing else of it since I did not have a Polaroid to use. Well, on Monday, my grandmother let me borrow this fine piece of classic photography so I could see if the rumor were true. Today, I received a package, inside of it was one box of PZ 600 from The Impossible Project. They are currently reproducing the classic film to be used in these models and I can not wait to use it. I will be sure to post all of the photos I can as soon as I get them scanned in.

Polaroid Spectra, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

Another thing I want to talk about is a question some people have asked me in the past, do I listen to music while photographing? The answer is kind of tricky. If it is sports or portraiture, the definite answer is no. It would become a barrier that I would need to get around in order to produce good photographs. However, if I am just walking around or doing still life photography of course I do. I find it helps keep things fun. One song in particular I want to share with everybody is by Sunset. Go ahead and have a listen below. Golden Reverie is a song that always seems to get me calm, it kind of says "Hey, slow down and just enjoy life." So sit back and give it a listen, see what you think.

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