Monday, April 25, 2011

Half Self-Portrait

I have been wanting to shoot portraits a lot lately, but have not really had any models to take pictures of. So I decided to set up in my backyard and take this one you see here. I really have been wanting to try this dramatic half face lit shot, you might have seen lighting like this before, but to me it reminds me of the original Mighty Ducks movie. You know, when they print the picture of Coach Bombay and his coach from when he was a kid in the local paper? Oh, you don't...well go watch it on Netflix then.

Even though this picture makes me look dark and depressed, I promise I am not. I just thought this turned out to be a good shot and wanted to see what comments I got about it. I do wish my eyes were a little more sharp, but that is really hard to accomplish when I focus on a stick before I stand there.

Half Self-Portrait, originally uploaded by griffithgreg.

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