Monday, March 1, 2010

Knick Knacks

I have dubbed him to be Buzzy and the smaller one Lil Buzzy. This is another picture I took while walking around at my grandmothers house. She has so many little animal statues/figures and they are all fun to photograph.

Knick Knacks, originally uploaded by griffithgreg

Another photo from my grandmothers, this one sits right on top of our famous picnic table. It is known that you are not truly a part of the family until you have engraved your name upon it.

When Pigs Fly, originally uploaded by griffithgreg

Fonzduck and Fonzduck Jr are the chlorine and thermometer of my grandmothers pool. I know the names I gave them arn't super creative, but its all I got for the time being.

Fonzduck, originally uploaded by griffithgreg

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