Friday, April 17, 2009

Never than Late Better

Wow, that title was Yogafied. Anyway, here are some pictures that I took or was taken of me by my camera. Just in case the info is missing, I went to Steamboat Colorado over my spring break with my old roommate Matt. Here they be:

Group shot before the n00bs learned to snowboard.

We went to a tubing hill. Pretty fun the first few times, then Matt had to go beat me in a race.

Matt's "signature pose" or as he would say "chunkin' the deuce"

Full view of Steamboat from the tubing grounds.
One of my bus drivers during my trip. His name is Bulldog and this was taken on St. Patricks Day. The guy was awesome, had a Scottish accent and wore a kilt.

The Condo we used to lay our heads

And finally two shots of me bored on the plane with my approved electrical device.

Well, that was my spring break in a nut shell. I am starting to save up for a new camera and I really hope to get it before I head off to NJ for Taylors wedding. As of right now I am shooting for (no pun intended) a Canon EOS Rebel XSI, but I will see what happens. If you know anything about camera's and have any tips or ideas please let me know, I would be happy to hear them.

Oh, one last bit of news for this little spot. I am building a new page that will (hopefully) take the place of this one. It will also serve as my online portfolio as well as my freelancing based business site. I am trying to think of a domain name that isn't taken, so far the best I have been able to find is, but I will have to see if I can think of anything better. 

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  1. baaahhhhhh i wants the xsiiiiiiiiiiii
    the rebel xti is great too.. and it has a fewer problems than the xsi. yesh. i has been doing research. i wants it.. but i can't rationalize spending that much right now... maybe after i have a steady job in the states.

    also, the place i bought my current camera from is having tons of sales (i think they might be going out of business) so you should check out their site.. they have great prices, have good packages, and they are really great with shipping and everything. anyway, they've been sending me tons of emails so i basically spend my time drooling over cameras. sigh.